12-Steps Stormy Sky

Why is it that in CR, we constantly encourage people to use “I statements” and when they say, things like “you know when we do x…”, we encourage them to say “you know when I do x…”

However, all the 12 steps say: We, Us, and Our instead of I, Me, and My?
Here is one I just designed called “Stormy Sky.” This background is a photo we took and I re-typed all the steps myself. This is a PPT file designed in Open Office and only uses two very common fonts, Arial and Times New Roman.

When I originally posted this, I wrote this:

All the text is strongly typed with styles and you can change all text formatting my changing a style. The styles are:  Heading, Step, Step Title, Step Verse, Step Verse Reference.

With this design, I can drop in a new background and make changes to only the styles and alter the entire look of the presentation.

However, I found out that while Open Office Impress has cascading styles that work very well, when the file is saved to a Powerpoint  file, those styles are lost. The file works fine, but the styles get deleted because Powerpoint doesn’t use them. I will post a PPT and ODP file from now on for those with Impress who wish to make use of the very well implemented styles features.

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Power Point: Stormy_Sky
OO Impress: Stormy_Sky

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