Please Read

This is a place to share Original work.

  • Do not post anything that someone else created.
  • Do not post any purchased presentations or backgrounds, no matter how changed.
  • If verses in your presentation come from a copyrighted bible (NIV Etc…) please list that in the scripture reference.
  • Do not post anything unless you wish it to be shared by other Recovery ministries.
  • Please design your Graphics and PPT files 1024 x 768 pixels.
  • Please don’t use “Default” for your PPT master, create a new master and give it a descriptive name. The reason for this is when you merge multiple presentations, like the 12 step and serenity prayer, etc… Powerpoint doesn’t always handle multiple¬† masters with the name default very well. In other words, the newly imported file may have the background of one already there, or replace the one already there. Can you say UGLY?
  • Please put “” in a discrete place on each background so other people can find this site and share more resources.

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