CR Log Book

Is your CR Group keeping a logbook? We have been keeping one for a while. The pages were done by a member that is no longer involved. I decided to redo the sheet and add a section for the music that we do each week.

Most is self explanatory. I will print up a year at a time with the dates pre-printed. (You can download 2 years out for your day of the week below.)

M W C V = Men, Women, Children, Volunteers (we don’t have CS or TL, but have child care and the V is for those people.)

We make two people (unrelated) count and initial the offering count which goes in an envelope and up to the church office to the secretary to deal with the next day.

The Intro is what we play *before* we officially start. We do three songs after the announcements and one after the lesson/testimony. (usually)

C.O. Initials are for people that are court ordered. If we sign your log, you sign ours. That way they are put on notice that we have a record and won’t be tempted to initial their own log. We though this would be a good accountability step. No intentions of ever needing that, but I think it is good to do.

Download your day of the week:

If you see any errors, please notify me, and I will fix them. If you want a custom log sheet, I can change this around to suit your group.


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