Road To Recovery – Mud

This one here is called “Mud Road To Recovery” the background came from a photo we had of dried mud. Original photo. Original Art. Original typesetting. Nothing borrowed. I added a verse for step 7 that is missing a verse in the “Approved” CR publications. Use it if you want to, I think it fits.

Recovery – Mud – Powerpoint
Recovery – Mud – PDF
Recovery – Mud – ZIP (9 MB)
Recovery – Mud – PSD Source Files (12.3 MB)

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Serenity Prayer – Prairie and Sky

Here is the Serenity Prayer. This background photo was taken by my father and designed by me. This is free to share in any recovery program. I have included the six original slides, a PPT file and all the files zipped up for download. The Photoshop source file available on request.

Power Point File

All Files Zipped

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Recovery Resources

I work in my church in a ministry called “Celebrate Recovery” that is a 12-step program. There are 12-Steps, 8-Principle, and 24 separate lessons that we go through in our meetings. We have been building powerpoints and generating Photoshop created backgrounds for variety with the weekly lesson, the 12-steps, 8-principles, and Serenity Prayer. It has become a lot of work trying to have attractive and readable presentations.

We purchased a set of presentations and backgrounds called a “Visual Kit”. It was supposed to be professionally designed. Some of the backgrounds are very nice, some not so much. Most of the presentations are poorly done. Some with spelling errors, some with missing words in the steps, many have poorly designed contrast, all of them are very incomplete for the teachings , etc…  One of the backgrounds I accidentally found was “Borrowed” from somewhere else… Oops! Borrowing a background, then selling it is strictly a no-no.

I know there are many other Celebrate Recovery programs, I think well into 4 digits, many of these programs have creative types putting this stuff together.

So, my idea…

Why not have some type of website where people can post the presentations and backgrounds that they have created. Only original work allowed. Share the stuff with other ministries.

So, here is  the site. I haven’t figured out how to make this all  work, or how to promote it, but soon, I am going to start uploading completely original backgrounds that I own the rights to and am willing to share with other Celebrate Recovery Ministries.

My long term goal is to have free content for Celebrate Recovery, Reformers Unanimous, AA, NA, and all other recovery groups that are out there doing the Lord’s work.


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